Gigolo Joe... Registered name
Sara's Gigolo Joe... Was born
on July 2nd, 2002... He is a
young stud... Wonderfully
outgoing and a beautiful
orange sable parti
color...Sara is his mother's
Coco... Is a beautiful
Chocolate boy... His
registered name is Teddy
Too Cute... Just because
he is...lol... His birthday
is September 12th
1996... He is one of the
most happy go lucky
dogs I've ever met...
Happily he passes that
wonderful trait on to his
Jimmy... Is Nasty Boy
and Delightful Diamond
Girl's son... He is my
beautiful cream sable
boy... His registered
name is DG'S Jimmy
Cricket...both Diamond
Girl and Nasty Boy are
black... His birthday is
January 5th, 1999
Raider was a wonderful
fellow... such a happy dog...
he was called to cross over
the rainbow bridge way
before I was ready to see him
go... He has left some
wonderful sons and
daughters in his wake... he
will be missed as we travel
on through life... we truly
enjoyed him while he was
with us...
Nasty Boy's registered name is
Midnight Dancer's Nasty Boy.
His birthday is June 30 1996.
He is truly a pleasure to be
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Bobby is my beautiful
cream parti boy. He has
a wonderful full coat and
a loving happy attitude.
He seriously does not
know a stranger.
Happily he passes both
traits on to his children.
A loving attitude and a
wonderful coat...